Zambia is one tenth the size of Australia with more than 17 million people. 26% of the population are evangelical Christians. Of the 72 languages spoken in Zambia, seven are main ones. Zambia is divided into 10 Provinces. SOWERS is established in four Provinces and the work is growing slowly in four others. The work is led by a National Board and there are three full time Zambian Sowers and three part time Sowers. SOWERS manuals are in four main languages and counselling booklets are now in nine languages.



JOHN - John and Maggie live in Kasama in the far north of Zambia. They have six children and six grandchildren. John is working full time with SOWERS and coordinates the work in the Northern Province. He has been trained up to Level 6, the highest level in the SOWERS Program. In December 1996 John was appointed as the first full time SOWERS missionary in Zambia and he moved to Kasama with his family early in 1997. John is a gifted and enthusiastic teacher.

STEPHEN - Stephen and Miriam live with their five boys in Mansa, the provincial capital of the Luapula Province of Zambia. In 2003 Stephen, a Level 6 Sower joined SOWERS in a full-time capacity and became the Coordinator of the Luapula Province. The work is very strong in this Province, with over 145 active teams and many Level 3 Sowers. Under Stephen's excellent leadership, the work is growing steadily and teams are also being trained across the border in DR Congo.

TITUS - Titus and Loveness live in Kalulushi on the Zambian Copperbelt. Titus is working full time with SOWERS Zambia and took over coordinating the work on the Copperbelt in 2005. Titus attended the GLO Discipleship Training School in Ndola and has been trained up to Level 6 in the SOWERS Program.

WALLACE – Wallace and Evelyn live near Petauke in the Eastern Province in Zambia. They have five children and have adopted three orphans. Wallace works part time with SOWERS Zambia and supports his family through farming. He is a Pastor with the Pentecostal Holiness Church and is coordinating the development of the work in the Eastern Province. Wallace is a Level 5 Sower and is being trained at Level 6.

PUTA - Puta and Esther live at Kashikishi on the shores of Lake Mweru in the far north of the Luapula Province. They are grandparents and have nine children. He knows a little English but speaks French and Swahili (DRC) and Bemba fluently and teaches Seminars in all three languages. Puta is a fisherman by profession but now spends most of his time working for the Lord. Puta is at Level 6 and works in a part time capacity with SOWERS Zambia. He has trained many teams both in the north of the Luapula Province and across the lake in DR Congo.