Uganda fits into Australia 32 times but has a population of over 44,000,000. It is divided into four regions and has 111 districts. English is the official language but there are over 40 other languages spoken. In the 2018 census, 85% of the population called themselves Christians and of this number 11.1% are Evangelical/Pentecostal Christians. The work is led by a National Board and National Coordinator.



DEO – Deo and Everece live near Buhimba, a small trading centre which is 10km south of Hoima, the main town in Western Uganda. They have been married for 26 years and have a farm some 10km south east of Buhimba where they grow many crops, and have animals and poultry.   

Deo has a BA in Bible and Theology and is the Pastor of Miracle Life Church at Kakooge, a short distance from Buhimba. The church has grown significantly since they were introduced to the SOWERS Program in 2010. Deo is a Level 6 Sower and he is coordinating the SOWERS Program in Uganda.

RICHARD – Richard and Noreen live in Kakooge with their three children. It is a small farming community in western Uganda. He has an advanced certificate in crop and animal management. They have a small shop and are both trained Sowers and attend the Miracle Life Church at Kakooge.

Richard is a Level 6 Sower and an excellent teacher. He is assisting Deo to develop the Program in Uganda and to train teams at Level 1 and 2 and trainers at Level 3.