Mozambique fits into Australia 10 times and has a population of about 29.6 million people. The country is divided into nine Provinces. SOWERS is now working in three of the Provinces – Zambezia, Niassa and Nampula. Portuguese is the official language but is understood by less than 30% of the population. There are many other languages in Mozambique and so far manuals and counselling booklets are in five of these languages. SOWERS registered in Mozambique and the work is being led by a National Board and a National Coordinator.



JOAO - Pastor Joao lives with his wife Estere and family at Mulombo in Northern Western Zambezia Province. They are grandparents with three children of their own and an adopted daughter. Pastor Joao coordinates the work in Mozambique and is a Level 5 Sower. He was a school teacher and suffered considerably during the eleven years of war in Mozambique. He graduated from a Bible College in Malawi in 1992 and is an ordained Pastor with the Evangelical Church of Mozambique. Currently he is working part time with SOWERS. He has translated a number of SOWERS manuals and digests into Lomwe and Portuguese and is currently working on the Portuguese Level 4 Manuals

ALFREDO - Pastor Alfredo lives with his wife Eliza and ten children in a rural area in the south of the Niassa Province of Mozambique. He supports his family through farming. He graduated from Bible College in Malawi in 1997 and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church of Mozambique. Pastor Alfredo works part time with SOWERS in Mozambique and coordinates the work in the Niassa Province. He is a very enthusiastic person and has been trained up to Level 5.