Field News


From August 2017 to July 2018 in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique:

  • 566 teams held 1780 open air meetings
  • 85,470 people heard the Gospel
  • 28,145 people were counselled
  • 17,084 people were followed-up
  • 8,588 people joined churches with SOWERS teams and many more joined other churches
  • 94 new churches were planted plus 6 in Tanzania

Blackson (Malawi) writes, “On Christmas day we had an open air meeting at Chimaliro sports ground where there was a large crowd gathered to watch a football match. We started our programme before the match began. After the message one of the well-known thieves in the area gave his life to Jesus”.

Amos (Malawi) writes, “Mchakulu village near Lilongwe is well known for drunkards, prostitutes, gamblers and animal people. The people are traditionalist and are rarely reached with the Gospel. After an open air meeting 36 people gave their lives to Jesus and a Baptist church has been planted in the area. Pastor Loudon and his team are faithfully following up and discipling the new converts and all the new converts have now joined the church”.

Wallace (Zambia) writes, “A well-known witch doctor in the Eastern Province, was converted during one of the open air meetings organized by a Sowers team. He gave his life to the Lord and shared how he had been used by the powers of darkness. Mr K is now using his powerful testimony to bring many people to Christ especially witch doctors”

Godfrey (Malawi) writes, “It was so encouraging to witness and take part in the baptism of 68 new converts from thirteen Baptist Churches in March. These thirteen churches were born as a result of Sowers holding open air meetings and then doing follow-up”.

Stephen (Zambia) writes, “At one of the open air meetings we had in our area, a man who practiced witchcraft was hearing the Gospel we were preaching. After the meeting, this man remained standing and when one of our Sowers approached he narrated to him all he had been doing all the days of his life. The man told the team member that upon hearing the way of salvation, he wanted to give his life to the Lord. The member produced the counselling booklet and led him to the Lord. The man asked the team to go with him to his house where he produced all the things he was using and they were burnt”.

Richard (Uganda) writes, “There was a great threat of noise where an open air meeting was planned but God made a miracle by switching off electricity in the area which made the whole town calm and people paid attention to the Gospel and finally 17 people were counselled”.