SOWERS International is an interdenominational faith mission, committed primarily to the evengelistic opportunities in countries where people are accessible through open air evangelism. SOWERS believe that the local church is God's agent for evangelism and motivates, trains and encourages churches for open air evangelism and church planting.

Nearly all staff are nationals in developing countries who speak the language and understand the local spiritual and cultural environment.

Our History
The SOWERS Programme was developed in the Philippines in 1975 by New Zealand missionaries from Open Air Campaigners (OAC). In 1988 OAC released the Programme to newly formed SOWERS International which was headquartered in New Zealand. The work is firmly established internationally. 

Our Leadership Structure
An international Governance Board oversees the Mission, representing National Boards. An Executive team is responsible to the Governance Board for international coordination. National Boards supervise the work in each country.

Our Australian Board

SIAust Board Feb 2015
Australian Board 2016
Neil, Christine, Selwyn, Ella, Geoff, Wendell, Paul & Peter
SOWERS International formed a Board in Australia in 1993 to support Australian missionary candidates.Then in 1994 the Board sent Selwyn and Christine to Africa.

Since 1994 the work of Sowers International in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and more recently in Uganda and Kenya has developed and expanded under their leadership. The Gospel is being preached and hundreds are coming to Christ and joining local churches. Many new churches are being planted.

The full range of the SOWERS Program training can now be done by Nationals in Zambia and Malawi, making these countries fully self-sufficient in the SOWERS Program. SOWERS is reaching into other countries in the region.